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Confession of a fujoshi-holic

Daily aspects of life and (yaoi)

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 three big evils

My takes on male maleficent, Male Ursula and female Hades.

I love painting fantasy and none human colored skin! Hope you guys like ^_^

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This deserves to be reblogged!

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I’ve seen some cute scenarios of Nagisa&Rei’s first kiss and I thought I’d draw my simple vision too :D

Well, I believe Rei imagined it as a gentle, sweet, butterfly-like kiss after some romantic walk, at night, under a sky or something… But Nagisa is too energetic, too pushy, reacting too wildly and has his own vision how they should start ;) Maybe it could ruin adorable perfect plan Rei had, but for sure it would be unforgettable first kiss!

Wow! I love it!

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the japanese school year is divided in two, the semester and the ukester

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Credit to arararara@weibo

Holy fucking shit!!!! I can’t wait for mine nowwww where is mine!?!?!

This one isn’t in the post xD


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~Hey! Are you reading Hana wa Saku ka?

Yep! I do. I like it better than Yuuutsu na Asa….:) Do you?

Full Summary of Saezuru Chapter 11 (updated with dl link)



Chinese Scans

The followings are the chapter summary, I translated from Chinese scans, which I think will be put on pretty soon.

Yashiro was informed that Nanahara was missing and they couldn’t reach him by phone. Doumeki told them about the conversation…

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sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes johnny depp is casted instead:

AKA Tonto - the ‘we could have had it all’ post - featuring beautiful and talented Native American actors who could have gave us the Tonto we all dreamed of (and the one we didn’t even know we wanted)

In orderAdam Beach + Lorne Cardinal + Chaske Spencer 
August Schellenberg + Nathaniel Arcand + Tantoo Cardinal 
Zahn McClarnon + Michelle Thrush + Gil Birmingham

[Free dj] Samezuka Gakuen no Nichijou



Pairing: Nitori x Rin (with bonus Mikoshiba doing the thing)
Circle: UZSK
Rating: R-18

After gruesome days of countless re-drawings, at last it’s I’ve finished editing all of the pages *phew*. I now feel the horror of doing all the cleaning, redrawing, and typesetting alone. SO, if you want speedy releases and you have the editing skills, just PM me or e-mail me at

WARNING: This involves sexual assault (flashback)

Full gallery (LQ) and download link (HQ) after the cut :D

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